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Skilled Nursing Long -Term

Long-Term Care Skilled Nursing

As the senior population ages in the United States, and in Payson/Rim Country, many will make, or be a part of, an emotional, yet necessary care decision in the best interest for a loved one (or yourself) in the near future.

How you can make these types of decisions easier, on everyone?  PLAN FOR IT.

Know that YOU have a choice when selecting where you go for Long-Term Care in Rim Country.  We understand that there’s no place like home. But, honestly, is that really the right care option? What does the physician recommend? Have you discussed the best option with the person who will, eventually, need the care? Family members? Have you done any research, say by making an actual visit to talk with an admissions director or take a tour?

Whether it’s a planned stay or as a result of an unexpected circumstance, a move from one’s home will be a transition period for the care recipient and for the (former) caregiver(s).

Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation (RCH) is a skilled nursing campus which means 24/7 care. You have access to both Admissions and Social Services Directors that answer many questions pre-, during and post- admission. Answers to questions on health insurance coverage, related costs, care levels, RCH’s nursing team, the quality of the facility, in-state transportation… just to name a few items.

RCH residents enjoy their new surroundings because of the compassion and care provided from the entire RCH team.  Medical care, activities available and the delicious meals served are planned for each resident.  Families are encouraged to visit and remain involved in their loved one’s life.

ADL’s, Amenities and Activities    Priority #1 is providing care and attention to ADL’s, (daily activities we perform care for such as feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, and leisure), for your loved one.  You, too, are welcome to enjoy the campus areas and social activities with your resident family member/friend.

Amenities include housekeeping, laundry, transportation, cable TV, private seating areas, hair salon, dining room, WiFi and more.

Dining Services   On a campus such as RCH, we maintain guidelines and regulations, together with creating what residents really like on the menu — while also being able to accommodate specific individual meal plans. Making meals from scratch is a priority for the taste and enjoyment for the residents, as well as the staff.  Chef Randy, and team, are available to discuss meal plans with residents and families.  

Activities    Social and recreational needs are very important for the whole health of our residents.  There’s more than the favorites: bingo, birthdays and bible study on the campus.  Join in on arts, crafts, game days, cooking classes, family dinners, holidays, animals, Veterans events, volunteering and more.

The residents know that RCH is their home.  Keeping them at the proper level of independence while providing activities and entertainment keep residents engaged and social.