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Rehab Therapy Short Term and Outpatient


Know that YOU have a choice when selecting where you go for Rehabilitation Therapy in Rim Country. 

Whether you have your surgery locally or in The Valley, you can choose where you do your rehab therapy.

Most times patients are just tired of being in the hospital, but aren’t, yet, able to go home to recuperate.

Rim Country Health has a short-term stay unit specifically for patients who need rehab therapy, but also need a little more attention.

In a home-like setting, with a dining room just a short walk away, many select this type of environment and enjoy a very positive experience.

We are fully licensed to provide Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy and Services as prescribed by a patient’s physician?

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy,
Speech Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy,
Vestibular (balance) Therapy, Cardiac Phase III,
and Lymphedema (reduce swelling) Therapy

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RCH’s Rehabilitation Therapy Team has over 150 years combined experience and our patients attain excellent results.

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That’s right, Outpatient Rehab Therapy is on the increase – and, viewed favorably by health insurances – and our facility can verify your insurance so you can stay close by for your rehab needs.  (Accepting Private Pay or Verified/Accepted Health Insurance.)

RCH defines success by having a Team with a combination of advanced training, clinical experience and access to information on the newest treatments/techniques. This ensures that patients achieve the greatest outcomes.


It's all about what's best for your recovery.