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We all will make a Journey.

You may find yourself a part of a loved one’s Journey, too.

If you have read Rim Country Health’s Your Health section (in the Payson Roundup), you have read about the residents’ lives and experiences (pre, during and post their stay) on our campus.  Many readers are inspired, some see themselves in others, and a significant number of readers take their first step in getting information and assistance for long-term care, short-term care or outpatient treatment.

RCH will feature JOURNEYS on this website, and Facebook, sharing information including awareness stages (information on symptoms), denial, visits to physicians, diagnosis and difficult decisions made.

Journeys are tales of love and living, hope and denial, courage and fears, dedication and relief.  A sense of security.  The knowledge that their loved one is safe and being cared for.  

The beautiful couple, pictured here, has given us permission to share their journey. They are doing so to let you know…you are not alone.

After missed symptoms
, interpreted and “he’s just getting older” and “maybe he just didn’t hear me,” Mrs. “W” observed more questionable symptoms. Examples: Very forgetful, confused, lack of interest in hobbies that brought joy (for years), not recognizing/knowing who family members were any longer and more.

“Is this really happening?”
“Will I be able to care for him at home?”
“When should I tell the kids?”
“How fast will this progress?”
“I wonder what will our physician advise?”

The diagnosis was the form of dementia we all hear the most about…Alzheimer’s.  Late stage.

After consulting and testing with their physician, the best option was for care at a skilled nursing facility with a memory care unit.  More questions.

“Will he be able to adjust?
“Will he be safe there?
“How do I still participate in his life?”
“Will he still remember me…?”

Transitions are never easy for the resident and their caregiver/ family.

The one thing that is constant is…change.  And, change is huge challenge for those with memory care issues.  But, by understanding the condition present and that there is care where you live, in Rim Country, you can join your loved one on his/her Journey.

In addition to years, and even decades lost, a memory care resident must now deal with new surroundings, routines, sleeping patterns, eating patterns, strangers…all a part of their journey.

Mrs. “W” is committed to her husband of fifty plus years.  She visits everyday. She always enters the facility beautifully dressed and smiling not knowing what to expect each day.

Familiarity: She accompanies her husband to activities and meals.

Memories: She has brought his guitar in and encourages him to play. And, he does, sometimes.

Socializing: They sit out in the courtyard of his unit to get some sunshine and relax.  They walk in the main building and visit the aviary, and often stop to sit and talk with the staff and other residents.  Everyone knows “Mr. & Mrs. W” and recognized the commitment made to his journey.

She has her bad days. She notices the decline in her husband.

She is the positive part of her husband’s journey.

The RCH Family is grateful to provide care for both of them.